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Phos Camp 08' memories

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

look what i found !

Phos Camp 08' video! Goooood times :)


Updates on Phos Camp 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009
Phos Camp 2009 Venue: Broga Outbac

To all Phos Camp 2009 campers: On the 11 December 2009 (Friday), we will meet up and gather at HLLC between 1pm to 1.30pm. Please be punctual. Briefing will start at 1.30pm, then we will be leaving for campsite at 2pm.

Remember to bring along…
1) Bible!
2) Pen / pencil etc.
3) 2 extra T-shirt for games (We’ll get dirty!)
4) Mosquito repellent (for your defense!)
5) Sport shoe (expensive ones are not advisable, it will get dirty!)
6) Sandal / slipper
7) Tooth brush, tooth paste, towel etc.
8) Water bottle
9) Some pocket money

Strictly forbidden!!!
1) Any form of electronic entertainment such as PSP, DS, MP3/MP4 player, iPod etc.

Take note!!!
Handphones will be “under custody” during all SESSIONS, WORKSHOPS & OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES. Please inform your parents to contact the following person if they can’t get you on the phone.

1) Chee Wai 017 3417419
2) Alister 012 6759368
3) Douglas 012 2770492
4) Ps. Charles 012 2507525


Fundraising - 1st week

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello Phos Teens !

An amazing job to all of you boys and girls who helped out in our first week of fundraising! *applause* We managed to sell ALL our cupcakes and hotdogs ... though in the beginning a few things went wrong like the sausages not cooking and people demanding for hotdogs to come faster. Still, we managed to raise more than 300 ringgit for the southeast asia natural disaster victims .

Special thanks and claps to:
Pastor Charles
Chee Wai

and of course the biggest clap for our beloved and gracious God who provided us with the hungry stomachs of the congregation, the attraction of the little kids to the cupcakes, our sponsors, the sunny weather, and the strength in our bodies to do all that.

Also, today wouldn't have worked out without all of your co-operation, sweat, and hardwork .

Good job everyone : )

Oh and also a super special and big thank you to Aunty Esther who helped make the amazing pasta sauce for the hotdogs which completely sold out. Bryan came home and said "Dad, the hotdog today you buy from where? Next week buy for me again."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Hey PhosTeens,
Don't forget that Fund Raising for the victims of the recent tragedies of Asia will begin this Sunday, 8th Nov 09.
There's delicious food that will be sold every Sunday for the whole month.
Think that this is too much?
Take a look at the video and it might changed your mind. After I've watched it, all the more I want this Fund Raising to be as successful as possible and to raise more than what we targeted for.
Every single dollar counts =)

Amazing Talent

Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

How are you all, Teens??? How is your holidays???

I missed you all Teens because this Saturday is the fifth Saturday of the month, hence there was no any fellowship....Frankly speaking, I missed the fellowship with you guys looo...

However, there were some Teens participated a worship workshop organized by LCMS with conjunction of 30th LCMS Bennial Convention which held every once in 2 years...

I presume they enjoy a lot as the pictures below able to speak it out...

...This is in German, it mean Thanks God, this is Sunday (Hope I'm not wrong)...

...Let's begin the workshop...woooreeaa...

...it's tired after 6 hours of talk sing and play...
...a quick rest at the Luther Garden level 6...Eugene was relaxing before his big PERFORMANCE...

...The band...pround of you guys...you all did a great job...

...on the job...

...The rehersal...
...The actual worship concert...

...yaa that's all...
...see your all coming Saturday PHOS TEENS Fellowship...
..cau cau...

ICU at Simon's house

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today for the older ICU (not the college ICU ) , we all payed a visit to Simon's house ! We met his parents and his little sister , Sherleen .

We started off by handing the time over to John to bring us our icebreaker which was , Twister . And not only did it break the ice , it broke bones .


Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Pure fun .

After that , we had a short time of worship , and then sharing by Pastor Charles .

All in all , we had a fun time .

And once again , thank you Simon and Simon's family for having us over : )